Monday, August 2, 2010

First Post

After all these years with my weight fluctuating so much I feel it is time for me to take a look and find a way to change my body look. Right now I'm very unhappy with the way I look and keep getting told that only me can fix that well. It is now time for me to fix it. I know I have a lot going on in my life but first and formost I have to think of me and the way I look. I will be posting a picture of me soon. I have to get more active and keep going. It all has to start with eating a well balanced diet of food that I like. I have a guideline. And will go from there. Currently I weigh 165 lbs and need to weigh 120 lbs so I have 45 lbs I need to loose. I know I can do it and with all of your support I'll get there. Will post more later.
Start of the day I ate a bowl of Honey Nut Cherrioes.


  1. I'll be wishing you well, and checking back to see how you are doing!

  2. You can definately do it! I started a Weight/Food blog earlier this summer. I think its helping with the focus.