Friday, August 6, 2010

What I have been eating...

What I have been eating hasn't been too bad. I have had the last few days yogurt, sandwich and a good dinner. I don't have a lot of carbs. The only carbs I have is the bread. So not too bad on the eating front. I still have to try and slow down the cravings of chips and pop. I don't eat a lot of chips a bag usually lasts me about 2 months lol. But then who wants to eat it when they are stale at that point. I hope to get a scale next week and then I can go strong on the weight loss :)


  1. The cravings for chips and pop will go away... eventurally. It takes time and lots of willpower which we don't always have. If you're craving something so badly you can taste it... get a small bag, or a portion eat some and throw the rest away (or give it away). Or set up paticular environments where you can have that item. I don't keep pop in the house, but when I go out for a meal I allow myself to have diet pop. It works nicely for me!

  2. It has been a while since your last update... how arte you doing with your weight loss? I have 60 lbs to loose - would you like to be weight loss buddy?